TURBO GENERAL offers for sale original, new and second hand turbocharger’s components as well as service, inspection, installation and repairs of every turbocharger type, for European and Japanese makers such as ABB, MAN, MET, NAPIER, B&W, PBS, KBB, HOLSET, KKK, SWITCHER, IHI.

  • Overhauling – -service kits
  • Bearing units complete,
  • Oil pumps and sealing bushes
  • Turbine blades
  • Nozzlering, covering, shroud ring
  • Rotor shaft complete, impeller, -inducer,compressor wheel,
  • Partition -wall
  • Gas inlet and outlet casing, diffuser,
  • Air filter, silencer
  • Gaskets and rings 
Our worldwide and domestic clientele includes: 
  • Ship owners
  • Ship management companies
  • State power plants
  • Oil refineries, factories and hospitals
  • The Hellenic Navy and Coastal Guard
  • Shipyards (incl. Chalkis, Skaramanga, Elefsis, Neorion)
  • Trucks and cars
  • Fishing boats
  • Train Companies

Our technical department possesses an extensive catalogue of turbocharger manuals for the majority of turbocharger models.

We keep detailed data (service logs) of our customers’ fleet and we are always ready to provide you the best cost effective solution.

Turbo General employees full time engineers who can travel 24/7 around the world to attend turbo charger and auxiliary engine overhauling.

Turbo General

  • Piraeus, Greece Workshop


  • Shanghai, China Workshop

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